Primary PE & Sports Premium

Our Vision Statement

At Uphall Primary School, we believe physical activity should be an integral part of children’s lifestyles so they develop into healthy and active adults.  We deliver a high quality, broad and engaging P.E. Curriculum to enable and encourage all children to reach their full potential.  Through rich and varied extra-curricular opportunities children are enabled to participate and compete both within and between schools in the Borough.

We are using the School Sports Premium funding to improve the quality and provision of Physical Education and Sport. It is very important to us to ensure that anything that is put into Uphall Primary School lasts over time and does not just impact during the years that the funding is offered, but continues to have a direct impact on the health of the children

​With regards to sustainability of our spending, the investment into our playground and our sports equipment, will ensure that all future pupils will have the same opportunities as our current cohort receive now.  By up-skilling our teachers, we are investing into our staff, leading to an increase in the delivery of our PE Curriculum not just this year, but in years to come.


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    We received £16,811 in 2016/17 for P.E. and Sports Provision

    We received £19,099 in 2017/18 for P.E. and Sports Provision

    We received £19,111 in 2018/19 for P.E. and Sports Provision