The School Day’s Structure

The school day is structured in a number of ways. Please ensure that your child arrives and you pick up your child promptly. We have also added the times for playtimes and lunchtimes for your reference.

Drop Off Times

School gates will open in the morning at 8:45AM for parents. Teachers will meet the children in the playground at 8:50AM. The Nursery will open its gates for the morning session at 8:40AM and the children will go straight into class. Parents of children in years 1, 2 and 3 are expected to remain with their children until they are with their teacher.

Year GroupTimeDrop Off Point
Nursery AM Session8:40AMNursery Gate
Nursery PM Session12:40PMNursery Gate
Reception8:55AMReception Gate
Year 18:55AMWingate Road Gates
Year 28:55AMWingate Road Gates
Year 38:55AMWingate Road Gates
Year 48:55AMCar Park Gates
Year 58:55AMField Gate
Year 68:55AMGym Gate

Collection times

At the end of the school day, the school gates will open at 3:05PM. Classes will come into the playground from 3:10PM and will remain in the playground until 3:20PM. You must collect your child between these times. The afternoon Nursery session finishes at 3:40PM.

Year GroupTimeEnter School ViaExit School Via
Nursery AM Session11:40AMNursery GateNursery Gate
Nursery PM Session3:40PMNursery GateNursery Gate
Reception3:10PMReception GateReception Gate
Year 13:10PMWingate Road GateCarpark Gate
Year 23:10PMWingate Road GateCarpark Gate
Year 33:10PMWingate Road GateCarpark Gate
Year 43:10PMWingate Road GateCarpark Gate
Year 53:10PMField GateField Gate
Year 63:10PMGym GateGym Gate

Morning Playtimes

Reception and Nursery do not have a formal morning break and go outside at various times throughout the school day.

Year GroupTimeArea
Year 19:40-9:55AMMain Playground
Year 210:00-10-15AMMain Playground
Year 310:20-10:35AMMain Playground
Year 410:40-10:55AMMain Playground
Year 511:00-11:15AMNew Play Area
Year 611:20-11:35AMMain Playground

Afternoon playtimes

Only children in KS1 take an afternoon playtime. Reception and Nursery do not have a formal afternoon break and go outside at various times throughout the school day.

Year GroupTimeArea Used
Year 11:40PM-1:55PMMain Playground
Year 22:00-2:15PMMain Playground


All lunches are eaten in our Sports\Dining Hall. For more info on school dinners you can click here.

Year GroupTimePlay Area
Reception11:30AM-12:30PMReception Playground
Year 111:45AM-12:30PMMain Playground
Year 211:50AM-12:35PMMain Playground
Year 312:20PM-1:05PMMain Playground
Year 412:30PM-1:15PMMain Playground
Year 512:40PM-1:25PMNew Play Area
Year 612:50PM-1:35PMMain Playground