School Clubs

Additional to the engaging creative curriculum our children are exposed to during the school day we are very excited to share with you that our extra-curricular clubs are returning! As a result of the lack of wider opportunities we have all had as a result of staying at home over the past year and a half, our children having access to these extra-curricular clubs is now more important than it has ever been before. 

These clubs will be invaluable in providing the children with the chance to develop a variety of different skills including their communication with others, whilst supporting their social and emotional development by allowing them to make new friends across the school. We cannot stress enough how important this is for all of our children after the challenging times of the previous academic years. 

See below for the overview of which clubs are available, on which days and for which year groups. 

Please carefully read the information below which explains which clubs can be applied for and how. You are able to apply for as many clubs as you would like for your child in their relevant age range across the week, but only 1 per day.  


Coding and Robotics Club 0.00 KB 76 downloads

    Clubs to be applied for through Uphall

    Follow the link provided to browse the clubs which can be booked through Uphall this year and register your interest in specific clubs for your child. Selecting clubs on this link does not automatically give your child a place in this club. We will be sending out a further link for those children who have gained a place in each club after the closing date. You will then be able to confirm your child’s place in the club and pay online. Please be aware that some of the clubs listed will only be able to run if there is a minimum number of children who register interest. The deadline for registering your interest in these clubs is the end of the day on Monday 11th October 2021. 

    LunchtimeSpanish Club Y1-Y2
    Choir Club Y3-Y4
    Choir Club Y5-Y6
    After SchoolCookery Club Y1-Y6Italian Club Y1-Y6
    Drama Club Y5-Y6
    Coding & Robotics Club Y1-Y2
    Coding & Robotics Club Y3-Y6
    Local History Club Y3-Y6
    Games Club Y1-Y6
    Gardening Club Y1-Y6
    Lego Club Y3-Y6

    The link to register for clubs is:

    Later in the term there may be more clubs which become available so please look out for any letters regarding these. 

    If you have any further questions regarding this process or are having difficulties registering your interest online please speak to the school office who will be able to advise you further. 

    We are hoping to have more children experiencing these wonderful additional opportunities than ever before and we look forward to these clubs getting started in the coming weeks!