Year 6-7 Transition

To support our pupils and parents we have created this ‘Transition Page’. This page will contain information about Secondary schools our pupils will be attending – this page will be for your reference only, please contact the Secondary School directly for information you cannot find on the School’s Website. The page will also be updated once the Secondary Schools have provided relevant information.

Mayfield School

Transitioning from Primary to secondary school is a huge milestone in their lives., everything they know and the routines they are used to are about to change. Our transition days, along with Personal Transition Meetings, normally help us support our new students and put to rest any concerns they or their parents have. With this in mind, I have tried to create supporting documents and media that I think will help them, these include:

  1. A Welcome Video
  2. A Virtual Introduction to Mayfield
  3. A virtual Introduction to Key Staff
  4. Guides on how to read our timetables
  5. Top Tips for Transition
  6. FAQs regarding Transition
  7. Our Transition Booklet – this includes tasks and challenges for students to attempts before they join us as well as in their first week with us.

These can be accessed on the following Transition page on Mayfield School’s Website:

We looking forward to welcoming you in September.

Southend High School Boys

As part of the transition process form KS2 to KS3, we hope to be able to invite the year 6 pupils who are joining our school in September to our induction day on 2nd July.  This is, of course, subject to COVID restrictions and we will be confirming the arrangements with parents nearer the time.

In the meantime, we have posted our booklet for pupils on our website for the boys and their parents to have a look at, and the link below enables you to see the booklet if you wish to share it with the boys who are joining us.