Parents as Partners

Starting Nursery

Starting Nursery is a big step and may be the first occasion your child has separated from you or a member of the family. There are many children in the setting and the following are ways you can help your child before they begin Nursery.

A newsletter will be uploaded to the website each half term please take the time to read it and talk with your child about what is happening in Nursery.

We also have regular events taking place in school. Letters will be placed in your child’s school bag so please check this daily.

Sharing your child’s book with them daily is expected along with a small comment in the reading log

Regular attendance is expected if you do not maintain good attendance there is a danger of the place being removed.For useful tips and guidance to your child’s learning and developmentGuide to EYFS

I can help my child by teaching them how

  • To manage their own basic hygiene, use the toilet and clean themselves independently clean their nose
  • To take off, put on and fasten their coats independently
  • To drink from a cup and a straw
  • To peel a tangerine, eat fruit with the peel
  • Plan opportunities allowing them to walk alongside you frequently in the outdoor environment
  • Talk to them about your actions things you or they are doing
  • Talk to your child about the fun they will have at Nursery
  • Remind them you will leave them but you WILL be back
  • Visit the outside of the Nursery to make them familiar with the building and the route
  • Attend all transition meetings so your child is familiar with the environment and the adults
  • Look at the school website with your child
  • Purchase their uniform and school bag
  • Read books about starting Nursery

For useful tips and guidance to your child’s learning and development