Online Safety in School

At Uphall Primary School we ensure every effort is made to keep our children safe whilst they surf the internet and use the schools networked equipment.

We have in place software, hardware and policies that reduce the risk of them viewing sites that are not intended for their age groups as well as measures that help prevent cyberbullying or malicious behaviour on the school network.

To prevent children viewing websites that are not suitable for them, we use web filtering software. Web filtering software monitors the incoming web pages for inappropriate language and websites and ‘filters’ the content out so children cannot see or access it.  This works in conjunction with our hardware firewall, which restricts access from outside of the schools network. We also have email filters which ensure children cannot contact, or be contacted, by outside parties without staff permission.

We also have software on the school network called ‘Smoothwall’ that monitors digital activity and keeps students and staff safe. It can warn staff of any signs of cyberbullying and internet misuse.

To ensure that our network runs smoothly and is as safe as can be, we use Sophos antivirus, firewall and application control. This software prevents malicious applications from compromising our network.

If you would like to know more about the software we use you can get more info by clicking the links below.