Coronavirus Catch-Up Premium

We are determined to ensure that the percentage of children working at and above age related expectations and above continues to increase and our assessments are being altered to fit the new curriculum. Despite high absences due to Covid 19 and associated periods of self-isolation throughout the Autumn term, our whole school focus on assessment for learning and dialogic teaching has ensured that our teachers’ impact upon our children has improved and their progress has accelerated.

The Catch Up funding is therefore being used to enable our children to have additional teaching sessions to work with their teachers to provide further personalised opportunities for children to build upon their learning during the school day.

These targeted interventions are designed according to the context and needs of each individual cohort, and are decided in collaboration with Learning Leaders. We will be focussing on child-led learning and children learning in a social context.

    Number of pupils and catch up grant received

    Total number of pupils on roll967
    Total Amount of Catch Up Funding received£74,880.00

    Nature of support 2020-21

    Item /projectBudget £Expenditure so far £
    Year 1£6,300.00£0.00
    Year 2£8,532.00£3,864.99
    Year 3£6,174.83£408.75
    Year 4£5,995.00£2,726.93
    Year 5£6,405.00£681.61
    Year 6£15,224.00£3,489.71
    RWI Phonics Resources£600.00
    Reading Books£2,465.60
    Arts Project (City Skyline)
    Total Catch Up: Budget & Expenditure – Autumn 2020£27,889.18£14,237.59