Uphall Curriculum

At Uphall Primary School, we believe in providing a Creative Curriculum for all learners, where children are able to engage in meaningful cross-curricular learning. We want our children to be engaged and enthused in their learning and the curriculum topic is introduced each term through immersive activities that represent our Stunning Starts. To track our children’s skills development through the curriculum, we have chosen to follow the Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum.

The Essentials Curriculum includes all National Curriculum subjects and exceeds the requirements of the National Curriculum.

One of the main reasons why we have chosen to adopt this curriculum is because it emphasises the importance of developing the depth of children’s learning. The subject curriculum that classes follow is designed and delivered in a way that allows children to transfer key knowledge to long-term memory; it is sequenced so that new knowledge and skills build on what has been taught before and towards defined end points.

Through our Curriculum Offer, we aim to engage children in their learning. They are immersed in Topics that are unveiled over time through Stunning Starts, Marvellous Middles and Fantastic Finishes. This sense of ongoing discovery is exciting and meaningful; it aims to challenge and inspire all children including those with special educational needs. We believe that talk for learning, known as dialogic teaching, enables children to explore key concepts, present information clearly, promote deeper thinking, and as result, save greater understanding of their learning to their long-term memory.

The development of the Creative Curriculum is strongly embedded in a values based approach to reflect the diversity of our community.  As a Rights Respecting school, the curriculum has at its core a focus on children’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural learning; it is central to our curriculum and philosophy of ensuring that every child flourishes and achieves, and that all children and adults enjoy coming to school. The school’s values are: Kindness, Resilience, Respect, Friendship, Perseverance and Empathy.

You can download the essentials curriculum in it’s entirety if you wish by clicking here.

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Intent (for the subject selected)

The content that children are expected to learn and know by the end of their primary education.

Characteristics of a learner (for the subject selected)

What a good learner looks like.


Key Threshold Concepts of learning that build conceptual understanding and are repeated many times.


The sequence/order in which the learning will occur to cover the Threshold Concepts.

There are three sets of curriculum content:
Year GroupsCurriculum Content
1 and 2Milestone 1Milestone 1 is the expectation for the end of Year 2
3 and 4Milestone 2Milestone 2 is the expectation for the end of Year 4
5 and 6Milestone 3Milestone 3 is the expectation for the end of Year 6

Aspirations for the Future

Children develop an understanding of how subjects and specific skills are linked to future jobs.

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