Special Mentions


1 Gormley

Ranvir for trying his very best to talk using short phrases.

1 Hirst

Rizwan for trying his best to use conjunctions in his sentences.

2 Oliver

Hana for maintaining her cheery disposition throughout the corona virus and doing all she can to make her family smile.

3 Holmes

Aliza, Nasir, Alina, Keishah, Naeem, Abeelha and Juniar for being an amazing key worker group and working so hard given the current circumstances.

4 Chalayan

Ali for fabulous home learning.   He is enjoying home learning with his Dad and has made a timetable that he follows every day. 

Soban for always staying positive and making an interesting 3D object that reflects his positive attitude.

Abdul Rafay is enjoying researching and learning about Ancient Greece. He has found out some interesting facts about Greek baths.

5 Potter

Nikodem, Ayaan, Raj, Rohail and Snigdha for all creating amazing work for our topic Beast Creator. 

6 Purcell

Inaya for working so hard this week and completing her learning tasks, especially  for the year 6 graduation book.

Milan for always being positive when it comes to his learning and for helping mum take care of his little brother.

Maryum for being a very caring member of 6 Purcell and always looking out for others in her class.


Nursery Gosling

Inaaya and Irfan

For writing a sentence using her sounds independently

For creating a very detailed hand print of a cow and footprint of a carrot

Nursery Tadpole


For creating lots of repeating patterns using coins and play dough

Nursery Owlet


For making a beautiful rainbow using coloured tissue

Nursery Cygnet


For cutting shapes and sticking them independently

R Buckingham

Mrs Hannan


For Mini-beast topic this term made a spider using kitchen foil


During the zoom session she showed everyone her caterpillars, she is waiting for them  to go into chrysalis and come out as butterflies.


Miss Rahman


For practising her x3  and x4 times tables


Mrs Saeed

Miss Begum


for inventing her own animal and writing about it and for her fantastic dedication on our new home learning pack.

1 Hepworth

Mrs Alexander


for learning and reciting his 2, 5 and 10 times tables


for her continual effort with her home learning.

1 Frink

Ms Zaman


She created her own home learning timetable along with her sister and she’s continuously taking part in different creative learning opportunities such as gardening and cooking.


He’s always very enthusiastic to talk about the activities he has been doing at home with his sister and parents. He uses his imagination to make up stories about his toys and he also made some banana cookies.

 Rafay Asif.

He has been working extremely hard every week completing his homework and working on his handwriting.


Shannon Duggan


I want to give a major shout out to in Sulaiman for seeking out his own curiosities about space and learning about planets, observing the moon, keeping a watchful eye for the International Space Station and his adventurous camping experience outside in his garden.

2 Harriott

Ms Kasim


For designing and creating a place of worship using 3D materials.

2 Oliver

Elizabeth Lamb


I would like to give a special mention to Neuza for persevering with her home learning with laughter, determination and a smile.


I would also like to give a recommendation to Abdul for dedicating time everyday to learning his times tables, especially his 5 times tables.

2 Stein

Ms Binning

Ranveer Jain

I am very impressed with Ranveer’s creative writing work. He has used some fabulous adjectives to describe his hero – dad. Well done Ranveer


Ms Roquib




Aayan, Abyaan and Emaan for their fantastic participation in the Virtual Sports Day.

3 Holmes

Miss Drummond


because he has worked very hard during lockdown; he has used his ICT skills to create detailed and informative leaflets on Hinduism and Ancient Rome.


Mrs Shanker


for his brilliant visual story telling with story boards. I am extremely proud of him.


for demonstrating his understanding of the human digestive system by drawing a labelled diagram.


for having a great passion for reading which has turned her into a voracious reader.

Y4 Quant

Miss Moonsamy


I would like to nominate Adam for his dedication and enthusiasm to learn. He has a strict timetable and routine which he follows daily. Adam has always been keen to share what he has learnt, how he has learnt it and is willing to  inform me about his next steps. He always perseveres in challenging tasks like the Water cycle Crossword. He makes sure he understands the technical vocabulary on the subject, can explain it his own words and apply it. I am very impressed, overall.


Miss Osman


Taha created a Science States of Matter table.   He enjoyed learning and classifying the different states of matter.


Eyad has been working hard and enjoying his home-learning with mum and dad, it has been a pleasure listen to him become more independent and taking charge of his own learning.   Ms L-D was also pleased to hear this when speaking to him and parents.  Well done!


Anureet created an amazing Greek vase at home.


Mohammed wrote a book review on one of his favourite book (Diary of a wimpy kid).


Ms Hamid


for creating a beautiful water colour Monet


for producing a very informative water cycle.

5 Kerr

Mr Osei


for completing all tasks for the week.

5 Potter

Ms Khanom

Nikodem & Zakaria

for taking ownership of their own learning and keeping me updated about their excellent learning daily. 


Mr Licarta


Great efforts with the Virtual Sports Day activities


Mrs Shah


For making an effort to edit and improve work; always sending me her work and being a keen baker at home to develop other skills.


Ms Lake

Dashina, Adil & Aseem

They are displaying how they are engaging in learning on Class Dojo and are exercising positive attitudes despite what is going on!

Y6 Purcell

Miss Hera


has written a lovely letter to the NHS workers at Queens Hospital Romford

 Mozan Tariq

has made a play sculpture of the NHS workers working.  Mozan has also, been challenging himself by doing year 7 Maths questions and lots of creative writing on a range of topics.

Hisham Atiq

has been helping his dad grow vegetables.

Y6 class

Mr Licarta

Saithyan, Melissa, Elias, Rathusan, Yashwin, Oleksil & Ibrahim

Can we mention the Y6 children who have been in this week from my group;  It’s been a pleasure to teach all 7 – all have worked hard & made great progress in just a few days. Their enthusiasm during in particular PE was fantastic.


1Gormley – Miss Rahman

Adam Dahmani has been making bath bombs and written the instructions for it.

1Hirst – Mrs Saeed, Miss Begum

Azaan Raees has been very busy practising his 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10 timetables! Miss Begum even tested him over the phone and he got them all correct! Well done Azaan keep up the amazing work!

1 Moore – Miss Musiu

Affan Ahmed is reguarly challenging himself in English and Maths and also he is becoming a good cook and even made chocolate cookies. 

2Anand – Mrs Duggan

Romaria has done some fabulous mini-beast research and built a habitat model. See photos below.

Zahra has made aovely fire interpretation  (see photo below)

Harivjay has been exploring 3D shapes – some impressive structures (see pics below)

2 Oliver – Miss Lamb

Stefan Dorobantu has displayed good artistic and team work skills when creating a kite with his brother.

2 Stein – Ms Binning

Krishna always puts his 100 % in his home learning and has even been trying to complete his daily mile each day. I am very impressed with how well his is doing at home! smile

4Chalayan – Mrs Shanker

Nikita has been playing three lovely songs on his guitar (over the phone), it was beautifully done. I was so impressed that I praised him profusely and told him how proud I am of him!

He played 1) “Ecossaise”,2) Ukrainian song ,”riding Cozak”,3)Spanish folk melody ” Malaguanya “

He also gave Ms Lee-Douglas and Ms Din an impromptu concert with his brother when they popped by his house. Serious skills!

Achint has made a descriptive travel brochure about a Greek island called Corfu, using appropriate and imaginative vocabulary.

Nidal has made some delicious chocolate chip cookies and ice lollies.

5Milne – Ms Lake

Dashina Sivanathan, Adil Rasul and Aseem Abdalla are displaying how they are engaging in learning on Class Dojo and are exercising positive attitudes despite what is going on!


Nursery Goslings – Ms Taylor

Inaaya has been using  her phonic knowledge to read books

Nursery Tadpoles – Ms Taylor

Mousa has been practising his name daily

Nusery Owlets – Ms Khan

Ayaan has built a tower with Duplo

Anamtha has created an interesting caterpillar picture

2 Anand – Mrs Duggan

Aroosh used her creativity by using different materials when making her Mini-Beast project.  Photos below

2 Stein – Miss Binning

Denisa’s unicorn flower garden. Denisa loved creating this at home, and I am super excited to see what grows. I loved seeing Denisa’s creation and I know that she was very proud of it too! Well done Denisa.  See photo below

3 Ainslie – Mr Scott

During the second week of lockdown Humayl wrote this poem that we’d like to share with you now.

*sing it on the tune of Marry had a little lamb*

Coronavirus is so contagious, so contagious, so contagious Coronavirus is so contagious, you must stay at home.

If you want to stop the spread, stop the spread, stop the spread If you want to stop the spread, you must follow the rules.

And if you try to break the rules, break the rules, break the rules And if you try to break the rules, you catch those nasty germs.

Don’t you worry about the lockdown, about the lockdown, about the lockdown Don’t you worry about the lockdown we’re staying safe at home.

I’m sure we miss teachers and friends, teachers and friends, teachers and friends I’m sure we miss teachers and friends because the school is closed.

Kishanika has made an informative and colourful poster about the trimurti. See pictures below

4 Quant – Miss Moonsamy

Khaira has taken great pride in her home learning and also sent class teacher photos of the extra-curricular activities that she did at home e.g. baking and playing a board game.

5 Awdry – Mr Licat

Anisha & Anousha have both made great efforts to be independent learners working  from home

6 Purcell – Ms Hera

Tazim has been very busy doing research on his new school and has completed some wonderful transition activities to help him prepare for secondary school.

6 Handel – Mrs Sath

Dominik has a timetable of activities

Dear Miss Sath
As we discussed during our last phone conversation I attach pictures showing some of the activities I have been doing during this lockdown.
My everyday routine contains of three most important  things.
– Exercise
– Studying
– family time
To keep fit  we use our back garden to jump, run, stretch around and play.
Also from time to time we travel to our near by woods to drive with bikes.
I complete my studies everyday. Also I help my sister with hers. As she enjoys doing what I do.
I found the homework interesting and helpful.
Completing those studies helps me to practice and remember all I have learned during my studies in school.
I also have helped my mum making dinner and complete all house chores.
I have made my own pizza,  cookies and ice cream which I was proud of.
And my family have enjoyed.
As during this time we had to stay home. I definitely enjoyed spending much more time with you family.
We have been exercising together, painting, drawing,  riding bikes, creating figures out of clay, watching movies and playing with my toys.
I have enjoyed all those activities and I’m looking forward to many more.
Thank you for calling and stay safe.
Dominik M.

(see photos below)


R Downing – Miss Shahin

Safwan has been learning the continents (he can name them even Oceania) and capital cities. Class teacher was so proud of him when he named a few during our phone call.

2 Anand – Ms Duggan

Ayaan, Rayaan & Aroosh created beautiful rainbow pictures to thank the NHS – pictures below

Rayyaan made his NHS rainbow out of rice – pictures below

4 McCartney – Miss Osman

Eyad is creating a video to thank the ICU staff who looked after his grandma when she was ill. 

Yuunus has created a game on Scratch. Play it by clicking here.

5Kerr – Mr Osei

Raisa has written an amazing poem about Ancient Egypt.

5Awdry – Mr Licarta

Ibrahim & Naima are working hard and asking for more challenging work

Zayan has been helping his dad with cooking

Stefan has been saying how much he missed his teacher and his class

Kavan is enjoying the Egyptian activities and another fantastic powerpoint!

6Purcell – Ms Hera

Hisham has been busy baking with Mum (pictures below) and did some wonderful writing on London and the supermarket.

Special Mentions 15.06.2020

Grace’s 3x and 4x TablesHamza’s 3D place of worshipRanveer’s HeroGurpreet’s labelled picture of the digestive systemAnureet’s Greek VaseShubi’s Watercolour MonetMustafa water cycle workNikodem’s LearningZakaria’s LearningMozan doing year 7 maths

Special Mentions 08.06.2020

Adam’s Bath Bombs 1Adam’s Bath Bombs 2Adam’s Bath Bomb InstructionsHarivjay with his 3D shapesRomario’s mini beast researchRomario’s mini beast habitat modelZahra’s fire interpretationAchint’s Travel brochure page 1Achint’s Travel brochure page 2Achint’s Travel brochure page 3Achint’s Travel brochure page 4Achint’s Travel brochure pages

Special Mentions 04.05.2020

Aroosh’s Mini-Beast projectAroosh and her Mini-Beast projectDenisa and her unicorn flower gardenKishanika Poster Page 1Kishanika Poster Page 2Khaira sieving before bakingKhaira stirring before bakingDominik out on his bikeDominik helping at homeDominik working from homeDominik working hard

Special Mentions 27.04.2020

Aroosh in 2Anand created a beautiful rainbow picture to thank the NHS.Aayan in 2Anand created a beautiful rainbow picture to thank the NHS.Rayyan in 2Anand created a beautiful rainbow picture to thank the NHS.Hisham in 6Purcell busily baked with Mum and did some wonderful writing on London and the supermarket.Hisham in 6Purcell’s finished cakes. Yum!During our weekly phone call, Rayyan in 2Anand mentioned he was going to be making ‘rainbow rice’ at home. Later in the day, he sent this photo of the process of cooking it. Doesn’t it look delicious? I bet it tastes as great as it