Eco School

Uphall Primary School Eco school’s moto A clean school is a green school

As you are aware Uphall Primary School is now an Eco schools due to achieving the Eco Schools Green flag award.

The children have worked really hard on three topics to achieve this award.

Improving our School Environments

Children planted various plants and vegetables in the Centenary garden and in their individual school gardens.

Saving Energy

Each class has an Eco warrior  who turns the class lights and computer off, every time their class leaves the room.

Healthy Eating

The school has been part of various exercise and health projects. Through out lockdown and when the children returned to school. Examples of this are the 30 minute challenge, motivating monday, the daily mile and the 5 a day challenge.

We have also worked on different initiatives on our Journey to achieving our Eco schools Green Flag award


As a  school we recycle paper, batteries and tin cans. We also recycle ink catridges.


Last year Year 3 wrote to  Mr Tarry MP about the litter in our community.

Below is an extract from the Ilford Recorder

Mr Tarry dropped into the Ilford school on Friday (December 4) after receiving letters from pupils earlier in the week which expressed concerns over littering and dumping of rubbish near their school. Of receiving the letters, he said: “It gives me real hope that our youngsters care so much for the environment and community around them.” He also paid tribute to the “incredible work” being done by Headteacher Dr Kulvarn Atwal and his colleagues, with the former giving Mr Tarry a tour of school grounds on the day.

Ilford Recorder

We were also runners up in Our Neighbourhoods Angry Litter Poster Competition in 2019. We were awarded 10 litter pickers which the children have put to good use, in and around the school.

Eco school 2021-2020

We start the new year with some amazing new projects. The New Eco warriors are being selected, one for each class.

Garden Tyre Project            

We have started a tyre planter project. Every class has a tyre which they are decorating and using as a plant pot, to improve the school gardens further.

Uphall Primary Schools Perimeter Planting beds

The Council’s ‘Our Neighbourhood’ team have asked that the children to support them with their new planting project outside school.

The Eco Warriors have been working on a variety of projects.

The eco warriors meet once every half term in addition some children come to the Eco club after school on Tuesday.

The whole school is involved in Litter collection they have a rota and a graph relating to the bags of litter the collect

In addition the children are running a litter poster competition. To raise funds for the Garden refurbishment plan. (See attachment)

As part of the garden refurbishment the children are using recycled bottles to build a green house in the garden, they are in the process of collecting bottles. (see attachment)

Also in the near future every child will be asked to paint a pebble for the garden. Watch this space!

All the Pupils of Uphall Primary School are motivated by these ideas.

We continue to work together with our community, to improve our school and the world around us

The Eco Warriors