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Week 3


London Youth Games Week 3 Challenge 170.99 KB 20 downloads


Daily Mile Bingo Challenge 8.70 MB 16 downloads

    Daily Mile Bingo Challenge

    See below the names of the children who have completed the Daily Mile Bingo Challenge this week, 25th – 29th January 2021

    6 Moledina,

    Nikodem 6M

    6 Licata

    Raisa 6L 

    6 Hera

    1)      Dashina Sivanathan 6H (four rows)

    2)      Sudam Kariyakanawana 6H (four rows)

    3)      Orno Khan (4 corners)

    4)      Neeha Kashim ((4 rows)

    Sabrina Khalak (4 rows

    R Begum

    Afiyah Hera  has completed ‘four in a row’

    4 Shanker

    Aadam   – Four corners  and a Full House

    Alamin – Four Corners

    Faryaal – Four in a Row and Full House

    Fajar – Four in a Row and Full House

    Jeevakan – Four corners

    Mansoor – Four corners

    Sara P – Four in a Row

    Shahrina – Four in a Row and Four corners

    Tasmin – Four Corners and Full House

    4 Morgan

    Noor – Four Corners/ Four in a Row and a Full House

    Aayan – Four in a Row and a Full House

    Tahsin – Four in a Row

    Adan – Four in a Row

    Ibrahim – Full House

    Rizwan – Four in a Row

    Abyaan – Four Corners