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Week 3


London Youth Games Week 3 Challenge 170.99 KB 3 downloads


Daily Mile Bingo Challenge 8.70 MB 3 downloads

    Daily Mile Bingo Challenge

    See below the names of the children who have completed the Daily Mile Bingo Challenge this week, 25th – 29th January 2021

    6 Moledina,

    Nikodem 6M

    6 Licata

    Raisa 6L 

    6 Hera

    1)      Dashina Sivanathan 6H (four rows)

    2)      Sudam Kariyakanawana 6H (four rows)

    3)      Orno Khan (4 corners)

    4)      Neeha Kashim ((4 rows)

    Sabrina Khalak (4 rows

    R Begum

    Afiyah Hera  has completed ‘four in a row’

    4 Shanker

    Aadam   – Four corners  and a Full House

    Alamin – Four Corners

    Faryaal – Four in a Row and Full House

    Fajar – Four in a Row and Full House

    Jeevakan – Four corners

    Mansoor – Four corners

    Sara P – Four in a Row

    Shahrina – Four in a Row and Four corners

    Tasmin – Four Corners and Full House

    4 Morgan

    Noor – Four Corners/ Four in a Row and a Full House

    Aayan – Four in a Row and a Full House

    Tahsin – Four in a Row

    Adan – Four in a Row

    Ibrahim – Full House

    Rizwan – Four in a Row

    Abyaan – Four Corners