Wonka Madness

This year, Uphall School Library celebrated Roald Dahl’s 105th birthday through a “make your own golden ticket” competition with, I’m proud to say, tremendous results. There was an influx of brilliant and creative entries across the school, and we were overwhelmed by the sheer artistic talent of our students. We decided to reward all the students who entered due to the time and dedication that they put into each of their golden tickets. Therefore, Mr Wonka had kindly agreed to send over a hundred consolidation sweet bags – the children were very excited to receive them. Within each year however, one child really stood out from the rest, and I would like to acknowledge their achievements. Congratulations to Darius-1 Rehman ;  Arafa -2 Kasim ; Lukas-3 Batt  ; Liyana -4 Moonsamy ; Maryam-5Osei and Priyankan from 6 Hera. They all had magnificent tickets which really blew the socks off Mr Wonka! All in all, this year’s celebration was incredibly successful and long overdue after the difficult two years we have had due to COVID. Here’s to many more!