World Afro Day Competition

Kouturelocs participated in World Afro Day 2021. Our Brand Ambassador, Dorith Morgan created an outstanding presentation about Afro Hair. Children in Key Stage 1 & 2, across 3 schools attended an assembly where the Afro Hair presentation was shown on 15th September, World Afro Hair Day 2021. The children had to write an acrostic poem or create a poster on what they learnt about Afro hair. They had to think about why natural hair is important, why natural hair is beautiful and state why natural hair is important to each individual person.

The children from Uphall Primary School expressed their ideas by drawing Afro hair styles and writing acrostic poems. The artistic work received from Uphall Primary School was amazing. The children continued their artwork and research on Afro hair in their school after the competition. This was showcased on school display boards within the school.  Kouturelocs selected 12 winners and presented them with a signed framed poster of their work. This was to signify their contribution to World Afro Day. 

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